Two Generation Next students with their father

“As a ‘generation nexter’, this course really taught me so much that I felt like I was missing. So much of running these family places sits in the heads of those who have been running them for generations. It’s not that they don’t pass on info; it’s more that those of us preparing to be primary just don’t know what questions to ask. Every week I was able to take info from this course and go ask my dad questions…. info I wouldn’t have really known I needed until it was too late.” – Sheryl M.

“I knew the Generation Next course would be a valuable investment of my time, but I had no idea how truly impactful it would be on my life and future plans for my life. These folks really want you to succeed and their actions show that. All in all an amazing course; I would 100% recommend this if you are an aspiring Texas farmer, or future or current landowner. I hope Generation Next is still around when my future children are ready to consider their mission in life.– Trenton F.

“THANK YOU for an exceptional course. I am without question going to recommend this to everyone I know…You’ve opened my eyes to holes in our planning and taught me things I never considered. This is SO worth every penny and I cannot begin to thank you for everything you put into this.” – Jessica R.

“I truly did not realized just how valuable this course was going to be for me. I grew up in agriculture and thought I knew quite a bit about continuing our family’s land. I learned an immense amount of information and highly recommend this to anyone in the community looking to acquire land or continue their family’s legacy.” – Katelyn B.

“The resources provided are invaluable. I had no idea the level and depth of federal, state and local resources available to help guide a private operation…very appreciative and thank you!” – Karen V.

“People come into owning property from so many different directions and backgrounds, and it is so important that natural lands are carefully and properly managed to preserve them. The Generation Next course is versatile enough to be beneficial to almost anyone owning land. The course opened my eyes to how much I DON’T know, and showed me where I really need to educate myself. The resources provided in the course are invaluable and I will be referring to them often.” – Donald D.

“Generation Next is a great foundation for any farm or ranch business- even if you’re not in Texas! We put an offer in on a ranch the same week the class started and by the end of the course, I developed an entire business plan for a property we closed on less than a month ago! This class exposed me to topics, like insurance, ag law, and leases, that I otherwise would not have explored on my own this quickly into being a landowner, but that are extremely important to be aware of. The most beneficial topic covered was financial management because as a new ranch, we have many start up costs that I discovered we will not recoup as profit for 3-5 years as we build our beef cattle herd. This class helped my husband and I prioritize our capital and develop a plan. I am confident the topics covered in this class will be directly applicable to securing loans and working with FSA and NRCS as we grow our business!” – Corrine W.

“Generation Next: It’s Our Turn to Ranch is a must-do for anyone who owns or will inherit the family farm/ranch, or is considering buying their “little piece of heaven.” The lessons helped me and my sister get organized and set goals as my father transitions into retirement. The three of us have talked for hours and hours about so many things and my father is excited to help us learn what we need to know as we take our turn.” – Nancy L.

I am very impressed with all of the incredible resources you have assembled into this program. It took me a decade as a new ranch owner and I still haven’t learned 50% of what you had on the syllabus! Thank you very much.” – Eric L.

“I have benefited immediately and greatly from participating in this course. I would say this is a “must” for anyone, regardless of your background or knowledge in agriculture, if you are considering investing in an agriculture business. Thank you Dr. Clayton, and all of your colleagues, for offering this course.” – Beverly F.

“This course is easy to follow. The presentations were informative and professional. The list of resources that were provided great opportunities to dig deeper on subjects of interest. I’ve definitely expanded my resource library in order to be the best steward of the land and posture myself for the best return on my investment.” – Tyler


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