The Generation Next curriculum targets new landowners or those who are looking to start a new ag operation on an existing ranch. It is taught as an online school where participants:

  • Discuss business types, tax information, and insurance needs
  • Gain ideas about operations you can add to an existing ranch
  • Learn options for setting up grazing and wildlife leases
  • Get exposure to all the latest land management tools and techniques

Additional topics covered in the school include:

  • How to start an agricultural business.
  • Understanding business taxes.
  • Financing your operation.
  • Using technology to your benefit.
  • How to set up grazing and wildlife management leases.
  • Understanding market fluctuations.
  • Land management techniques.
  • Alternative operations to add to the business.

Visit HERE for upcoming class information. If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Megan Clayton at Megan.Clayton@ag.tamu.edu or 361-265-9203.